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Mānuka is the Māori name for the native Aotearoa New Zealand plant, Leptospermum Scoparium. For centuries the flora has been embraced by Māori culture - revered for its natural wellness properties and versatility.

Mānuka honey boasts beneficial natural compounds – and this is measured by the Unique Mānuka Factor™ grading system.
Ka Noa – As Nature Intends

The past year has been a reset for many of us. At Ka Noa, we took the time to step back and revisit where we wanted to be as a brand – ultimately, our visual identity needed to match our brand ethos.

The Winter Transition

As temperatures cool and daylight hours shorten– our bodies need a little additional support through the coming winter months. The consideration and care required to aid our immune system can be quite simple adjustments to our daily routine.

Analytica Laboratories

Dr. Terry Braggins has been involved with testing both honey and dairy products with New Zealand for years – a crucial process in preserving the authenticity and quality of the Mānuka honey industry.